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EHTEL - The European eHealth Multidisciplinary Stakeholder Platform


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EHTEL within EU Funded Projects EHTEL Innovation Initiative Learn more on EHTEL 2018 Symposium Czech Republic National eHealth Implementation

Going All Digital - Rehearse presentations from the EHTEL 2018 Symposium


How to Meet and Interact with and within the EHTEL Community in Social Networks:

To further strengthen the EHTEL Community also in Social Networks, EHTEL has chosen - besides this website, our newsletters and personal emails - Twitter and LinkedIn as preferred channels for professional communication:

For Twitter Twitter-Icon you find EHTEL at By following @EHTEL_eHealth, you will be notified of e.g.

  • Changes in the website beyond the homepage, like in the dedicated member pages.
  • Selected Tweets from the European Commission, from our EU Projects like @Scirocco_EU, @eHealthWork, @ProgressiveAHA etc. and of course of our EHTEL members.

For LinkedIn LinkedIn Icon EHTEL has established three communication channels: Channel 1 is reserved for members. Subscribe to connect and get burning announcements (some for members only). Members also have the possibility to ask us to like and forward their announcements as far as relevant for EHTEL members and/or the wider community.

The EHTEL Board of Directors

  • Members of the Executive Board [since 20 January 2016]:
    President: Simona Abbro (UPMC, Italy)
    Treasurer: Siri Bjørvig (NSE, Norway)
  • Members of the Board of Directors [since 4 December 2018 / in alphabetic order]:
    Simona Abbro (UPMC, Italy), Siri Bjørvig (NSE, Norway), Mette Atipei Craggs (Odense University Hospital - Denmark),Giovanni Gorgoni (Agenzia Regionale per la Salute ed il Sociale (ARESS) Puglia, Italy), Vesa Jormanainen (THL - National Center of Health and Welfare – Finland), Dr Rachelle Kaye (Assuta Medical Center - Israel), Peter Kuipers (IBM, Switzerland - CH), Matteo Melideo (engineering Ingeneria Informatica - Italy), Gianluca Postiglione (Società Regionale per la Sanità - So.Re.Sa. Campania, Italy,Janne Rasmussen (MedCom - DK), Josue Sallent (TicSalut, Spain), Gustav Söderlund (Region of Norrbotten, Sweden)
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