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Maccabi Healthcare Services (Israel)

[Health Care Authority] Maccabi Healthcare Services (Israel). Maccabi Healthcare Services is represented in the EHTEL Board of Directors by Dr Rachelle Kaye, Director of Maccabi Institute for Health Services Research and MACCABITECH, Maccabi's business development arm.

Maccabi Healthcare Services (Israel)

Maccabi Healthcare Services (Israel)

Information provided by the member:
Maccabi Healthcare Services, Israel's leading healthcare organisation, is a leader internationally in the development and large scale deployment of Health ICT and eHealth solutions. 100% of Maccabi doctors and health professionals are computerized and use the Maccabi central medical record supported by a sophisticated decision-support system. Every aspect of care is computerized and fully integrated with total electronic clinical data exchange including laboratory, imaging, e-prescriptions and e-consultation. Maccabi's PHR provides the patient with access to his medical record, both by internet portal and mobile smart phone applications.

Maccabi aims to stimulate and promote collaboration with strategic partners both nationally and internationally in the areas:

  • ICT in healthcare,
  • Managing Chronic Disease and Care of the Elderly
  • Economic Analysis and Research
  • Telemedicine
  • Mobile Health

Maccabi is an active participant in the European Research Framework Program and is currently a consortium member in an AAL project and 5 FP7 projects.

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