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United4Health: Going Live with Telehealth - Interactive Workshop @ AAL Forum 2014

EHTEL and EHMA are partnering to raise awareness about management tools and methodswhich can help implementers to scale-up digital health services and make them an integral part of health and care delivery systems. The first collaboration on the matter began in 2012 with the Momentum project and concluded with the identification of 18 critical success factors and the development of a collaborative assessment methodology. Today, both organisations are pleased to present this webinar to their respective members. Over one hour, the webinar will put the spotlight on a new management tool and associated methodologies: the SCIROCCO On-Line tool, which aims to assess the readiness of an environment for Integrated Care. During the webinar, you will learn about the on-line tool itself, methodologies on how to apply the tool, as well as the experience of some of the 30 European regions who used the prototype of this tool. The webinar will take place on Wednesday 18th April 2018, 10:00 – 11:00 CET. To register, please send an email to to receive the GoToMeeting link.


United4Health provides innovative telehealth services in care settings of a large diversity of European regions. The innovative service models adopted by U4H Partners aim at increasing personal control and engagement of patients. The event will highlight efforts in 14 regions of Europe dedicated to improve standard care for 13,000 chronic patients, hereof many elderly. Presentations and interactive debates will pinpoint enablers like:

  • Designing telehealth interventions taking policy objectives and existing evidence into account,
  • Engaging health professionals and patients in adopting innovative service models,
  • Adapting service delivery processes and managing organisational change to make the most of innovative services,
  • Procuring technology to be fit for scaling-up, address inclusiveness and other large-scale deployments’ challenges.


Programme Outline

  • 09:00 - 09:10 h
    Welcome and Introduction to United4Health - Outlook for today's workshop
    Marc Lange, Secretary General, EHTEL
  • 09:10 - 09:25 h
    United4Health Objectives in a European Context
    Speaker of the European Commission
  • 09:25 - 09:40 h
    United4Health Key Achievements: Lessons learned in the first 18 months;
    Janne Rasmussen, European Engagement Manager, NHS24 and United4Health Co-ordinator
  • 09:40 - 10:35 h Interactive Session 1
    Technology & Procurement processes in United4Health - becoming fit for scale
    - Mission and Outline - Intro by Facilitator: Stephan Schug, Chief Medical Officer, EHTEL
    - Use Case Reports by Wales and Slovenia, followed by interactive debate with the audience
  • 10:35 - 10:55 h Coffee Break
  • 10:55 – 11:50 Interactive Session 2
    Service redesign, change management & clinical engagement in United4Health
    - Mission and Outline – Intro by Facilitator: Leo Lewis, United4Health Project Manager, HIM SA
    - Use Case Reports by Scotland and South Norway, followed by interactive debate with the audience
  • 11:50 – 12:00 Wrap-Up Session
    Conclusions and take home messages for Telehealth and AAL
    Facilitator & Statement: Marco d’Angelantonio; Comments by WS 1 & 2 Facilitators

Participation / Two-Step Registration Process

To register to the U4H workshop:

  1. Participants must be registered to the hosting event, i.e. the AAL Forum 2014, taking place in Bucharest, Romania from 9 to 12 September and provide their registration code. The fee is 400 € (280 € for EHTEL members and U4H partners) for the entire forum, however it is possible to register just for 11th September for a fee of 150 € (no discount) and this includes free access to the U4H workshop on 12th September (U4H project partners: please refer to our additional instructions via email and do not use the link below for registration).
    Direct link to the AAL Forum 2014 Registration Page
  2. The United4Health registration form (download here or below) shall be sent by email to the indicated address ( For easy copy-pasting, please do not convert into a PDF file.  For additional information, please contact Myriam De Greef, EHTEL also via mobile: +32 472 24 86 46, or Skype: mdegreef19.

Download the United4Health registration form (updated) [.doc]

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