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3rd Annual EHTEL Symposium 2011 and RENEWING HeALTH Midterm Workshop

More than 150 eHealth stakeholders met on November 30th and December 1th to discuss how to change the traditional delivery models of European healthcare and welfare for making them better fit to the long-term needs of persons with chronic conditions. The dialogue on new strategies and their implementation was particularly inspired by a keynote from Kaiser Permanente, US. The EHTEL2011 Symposium - colocated with the RENEWING HeALTH Midterm Workshop - convened European-wide leaders, drivers and frontrunners, including health policy, competence centres and many stakeholder representatives. The event was kindly hosted by the EESC, the voice of organised civil society in the Union's decision-making process. [all presentations are available for download (PDF)].

New models go much beyond the scope of venerable traditions like organising health and welfare in independent silos and seamlessly integrate the healthcare and social service domains. Both eHealth and Telemedicine provide personal health services and can contribute significantly to the successful implementation of up-to-date health strategies. Demonstrations and service presentations provided some evidence how it should be possible to move from high level EU policy initiatives into operational sustainable services.



Download the full, final programme (v054, 30 Nov 2011) [PDF]

Programme and Presentations [PDF] for download

30 November 2011, 14:00 - 18:00, RENEWING HeALTH Midterm Workshop
13:30Registration and Welcome Coffee
14:00 Welcome and Opening
Chair: Martin Denz, President, EHTEL
– by the European Economic and Social Committee: Ulla Sirkeinen, TEN Section Vice President
– by the European Commission: Gisele Roesems-Kerremans, DG INFSO, Deputy Head, Unit H1
by the RENEWING HeALTH Project Coordination: Lorenzo Gubian, Veneto Region
14:15Setting the Scene: New Care Models for Persons with Chronic Diseases
Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips, Kaiser Permanente, USA

15:00 Telemedicine enabling Seamless Services in the Personal Sphere - A Flashlight on RENEWING HeALTH Pilots
Chair : Dr. Stephan Schug, EHTEL, Brussels, Belgium

North Norway: Astrid Grottland, NST , Tromso
Catalunya: Ignasi Garcia-Mila Vidal, TicSalut , Barcelona, Spain
South Karelia: Tuula Karhula, EKSOTE , Lappeenranta, Finland
Norrbotten: Lennart Isaksson, County Council Norrbotten, Luleå, Sweden
Coffee Break

Panel: Augmenting the Evidence on the Impact of Telemedicine Services
Co-Chairs: Charles Lowe, CL Consulting Ltd. / Claus Duedal Pedersen, Region of South-Denmark

A Scientific Review of RENEWING HeALTH: Maximising the Scientific Value of the Project
Richard Wootton, NST, Norway

Lessons learned so far on the large pilot evaluation.
Marco d’Angelantonio, HimSA, Brussels, Belgium

The Model for Assessment of Telemedicine (MAST) in Practice.
Anna Kotzeva, Catalan Agency for Health Information, Assessment and Quality, Spain.

Other Panellists:
Regional Health Administration: Kenneth Sjaunja, Norrbotten, Sweden
European Healthcare Policies: Milan Cabrnoch, MEP and Physician, Czech Republic
European Commission: Flora Giorgio-Gerlach, DG INFSO, Unit H1 (Project Officer)

17:50Closing of Day 1 / RENEWING HeALTH MidTerm Workshop
RENEWING HeALTH is co-funded by the EC in the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP-ICT-PSP)


1 December 2011, 09:00 - 17:00 (Symposium Day 2)
09:00Political Agenda for eHealth and Seamless Integration of Health Services
11:00Sustainable and Interoperable eHealth Infostructure in Support of the Seamless
Integration of Services
13:30From Infostructure to Services: Enabling Seamless and Integrated Care by eHealth
Part 1: Managing Diseases - Seamless Service Integration by Provider Organisations
15:00From Infostructure to Services: Enabling Seamless and Integrated Care by eHealth
Part 2: Seamless Service Integration in the Community - Telecare and Telemedicines
16:00Next steps on the Seamless Integration of Services:
Messages and Conclusions by the eHealth Stakeholders


Download Day 2 Presentations [PDF]:

EHTEL2011 21-1 Peteris Zilgalvis DG INFSO Digital Agenda.pdf

EHTEL2011 21-2 Maria Iglesia-Gomez EIP on AHA.pdf

EHTEL2011 21-3 Karl Stroetmann empirica Integrated Care Policy Dimension.pdf

EHTEL2011 21-4 Jan van Emelen Better Care for Chronically Ill - Social Insurance View.pdf

EHTEL2011 22-1 Angelo Rossi Mori Comprehensive Infostructure for Health and Social Care.pdf

EHTEL2011 22-2 Steffen Dietz ICW Tailored Case Management Strategies for the Care Continuum.pdf

EHTEL2011 22-3 Etienne De Clercq IT Support for Ambulatory Care Trajectories.pdf

EHTEL2011 22-4 Bjorn Bergh Uni Heidelberg Seamless Cross-Inst Integration.pdf

EHTEL2011 23-1 Rachelle Kaye Seamless Service Integration w Telemedicine .pdf

EHTEL2011 23-2 Nick Guldemond Technology and Integrated Care.pdf

EHTEL2011 23-3 Claudio Saccavini Veneto Region Strategy.pdf

EHTEL2011 24-1 Andrew R Watson UPMC Rural Telemedicine.pdf

EHTEL2011 24-2 Maria Francesca Vencato - WSD in Kent - Integrated Care.pdf

EHTEL2011 24-3 Russell Jones Integration of Telecare and Telehealth.pdf

EHTEL2011 25-1 Birgit Beger CPME eHealth Stakeholder Statement EHTEL 2011 Symp.pdf

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