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Stakeholder Working Groups

Stakeholder working groups were defined as standing bodies of EHTEL, permanently represented within the Association. Stakeholder groups identified as standing bodies of EHTEL are: ** Ministries of Health/Healthcare Authorities, ** National and Regional eHealth Competence Centres, ** Patients / Citizens / Consumers Associations. EHTEL also welcomes the contribution of Insurers, Industry, Research & Development, Healthcare Management and Healthcare Institutions, but has so far not etablished permanent working groups for these.

EHTEL Innovation Initiative

A working group of EHTEL members and collaborating organisation engaged in innovations in Digital Health with an emphasis on improving health and social care services and scaling up.

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eHealth Competence Centres - ELO Network

The Network of National Organisation in Europe engaged in eHealth strategy development and - predominantly - in implemention. The Network consists both of promotional associations and National eHealth competence centres.

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Patient and Citizen Group

Empowering Patients & Citizens: While supporting professionals in the delivery of healthcare, eHealth information systems also have the potential to empower the patient. However, to the extent that contractual relations, which can be influenced by the patient, impact on or even replace state supervision and responsibility, new requirements for the protection of the individual’s rights emerge. It is against this background that EHTEL's Patient and Citizens Task Force was established. It is a unique group within the European eHealth community consisting of individuals who are patients in their own right or who represent patient groups.

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Ministries of Health Group

The Ministries of Health Group was formerly working as "Health Care Authorities Groups" and has this membership: [please be aware that information on the MoH proceedings are only visible to logged in users]

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