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Patient and Citizen Group

Empowering Patients & Citizens: While supporting professionals in the delivery of healthcare, eHealth information systems also have the potential to empower the patient. However, to the extent that contractual relations, which can be influenced by the patient, impact on or even replace state supervision and responsibility, new requirements for the protection of the individual’s rights emerge. It is against this background that EHTEL's Patient and Citizens Task Force was established. It is a unique group within the European eHealth community consisting of individuals who are patients in their own right or who represent patient groups.

Position Papers

Position Papers of the EHTEL Patients&Citizens Group: In preparation of the EHTEL Satellite Event at WORLD OF HEALTH IT on 10 October 2006 in Geneva three position papers highlighting the views of the Patients towards eHealth have been prepared (Please click on "more" for the download page").

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Participating organisations

The participating organisations of the Patients and Citizens Group are EHTEL member organisations and invited participants representing European Patient Organisations:

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Position Paper on eHealth 2004

EHTEL's Patients & Citizens Task Force has written a High Level Position Paper on eHealth Information Systems, bringing up issues of importance to patients & citizens in the eHealth revolution. The paper has been distributed during EHTEL's workshop "Empowering the Patient", in the context of the high-level conference and exhibition eHealth 2004, in Cork (IE), 5-6 May 2004.

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Interview with Angelica Frithiof

From from the navigator, the EHTEL newsletter, 2004: Angelica has led the EHTEL Association’s Patients and Citizens Group since its formation and was elected to the Board of Directors of the Association in October 2003. We caught up with her at home in Stockholm to ask her a few questions about herself and her work.

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Background and History Information

In early May 2004, the Irish Presidency – with the support of the European Commission’s Directorate-Generals for the Information Society and for Health and Consumer Protection – hosted a High-Level Conference and Exhibition on ehealth in Cork, Ireland. The theme of the event was "Empowering the Citizen". Early in 2004 the Association launched a task force aimed at giving a voice, in Cork, to Europe’s citizens, with which to express both the hopes and the fears they feel about the ehealth revolution.

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