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Task Force eHealth Interoperability

The increased mobility across regional and national boundaries of both patients and healthcare deliverers raises vitally important political and regulatory issues and concerns. Consequently, governments and European institutions are exploring and setting new goals regarding the future of public health and healthcare. EHTEL has launched a task force aimed at ensuring that the role of ICTs in both facilitating and managing cross-border healthcare in the internal market is given due consideration by European Ministers, Commissioners, high level civil servants and other stakeholders. A neutral European platform such as EHTEL serves to address and to discuss common interests of stakeholders in healthcare to make efficient trans-border healthcare come true.

Interoperability Initiative for a European eHealth area (i2-Health)

From spring 2005 until autumn 2007 EHTEL has been a project partner in the EU-funded project "Interoperability Initiative for a European eHealth area (i2-Health)". The key objectives are

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Download Report: Health-ID Management in Europe – one touchstone for interoperability –

Summary & Conclusions [Final Version as of 17.05.2006] of the Expert Workshop co-organised by EHTEL, MinVWS (Dutch Ministry of Health) and NICTIZ in the framework of the i2-Health project (funded by eTEN/EC) at Amsterdam (Schiphol), The Netherlands, 20–21 March 2006 is available for download here.

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Final Version published: Report from the CEN/ISSS eHealth Standardization Focus Group

The Report from the CEN/ISSS eHealth Standardization Focus Group "Current and future standardization issues in the eHealth domain: Achieving interoperability" has been finalised (including input from the EHTEL Assocation) Enclosed is the Final version (dated 01.03.2005) of the Executive Summary of the report prepared by the CEN/ISSS eHealth Focus Group revised after public comment. For the full documentation of the report and background information please refer to CEN

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eHealth Interoperability Workshop 2004: Government and Expert View

On 1st June 2004, 72 government representatives and experts from 24 countries gathered at a workshop on eHealth interoperability issues to discuss how this objective could be met. Attended by several countries, the event was initiated by the German government together with those of Austria, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, France, Norway and the Republic of Slovakia. The workshop was hosted by the European Commission and organised by EHTEL. This workshop has been a starting point for European eHealth Interoperability Initiative and hence the i2-Health project etc.

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High Level Group On Health Services And Medical Care: Extract on eHealth issues

The Council of the European Union has released an Executive Summary from the High Level Group On Health Services And Medical Care: Work has been taken forward in the following areas: [..] information and e-health: e-health is the priority focus in this area, and its potential to add value to existing health services, improve quality and continuity of care and support citizen-oriented services - interoperability at national and European level is the cornerstone for achieving this. An overall health systems information strategy in a European context is needed, considering mobility of citizens and availability of Europe-wide e-health services. Future work will focus on developing such an information strategy and on outlining activities for the implementation of the e-Health Action Plan, looking at the information which should be available for patients, professionals and policy-makers; and looking at the appropriate structures for cooperation on information and e-health; [..]

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