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Perspective of a Task Force "Innovation and Society" within EHTEL

The upcoming EHTEL Task Force "Innovation & Society" aims to look ahead of the current eHealth deployments with a view to explore societal challenges raised by groundbreaking biomedical research and services to emerge, such as the paradigm of the Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) and, more broadly, the issue of personalised health care.

EHTEL is deeply involved in supporting all stakeholders not only in de-ploying eHealth services, but also to look ahead to prepare innovations.

  • As a multi-disciplinary cross-stake-holder forum EHTEL is the platform to address the societal perspective on eHealth, which deserves much more emphasis than given today.
  • While the first activities of this task force will be focused on VPH, interesting links exist with eHealth interoperability and Electronic Health Records, while looking ahead. The large-scale integration of clinical and genetic data as well as imaging in distributed databases is essential for the technologies and processes within the VPH framework. The extensive and broad use of personal data in this framework gives cause for reconsidering existing solutions for the secure access to medical data and the comprehensive protection of privacy and choices.

The Task Force operations will get the support of two EU funded projects:

  • RADICAL, for "Road mapping technology for Enhancing Security to Protect Medical & Human Data"
  • ETHICAL, for "Promoting International Debate on Ethical Implications of Data Collection, Use and Retention for Biometric and Medical Applications"

A preparatory activity of the Task Force has been the presence of EHTEL at ICT-BIO 2008 to better understand the R&D agenda and to initiate the dialog on Innovation and Society.

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