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Task Force Patient Safety and eMedication

EHTEL identified already in 2003 the business case for improving the prescribing and medication management process with ICTs: ePrescribing has a central role in reducing errors and thereby increasing quality and efficiency of clinical care. It is part of many eHealth strategies in Europe. So far we have organised a workshop in Amsterdam, NL (2004) and a two-days conference in Ljubljana, SLO (2006) in support of sharing information in Europe and setting an agenda for the future. With two deliverables in the framework of the EU funded i2-Health project EHTEL has further contributed to the subject and provided input to the recently launched "Smart Open Services" (SOS) eHealth interoperability implementation project.

ePrescribing Conference in Ljubljana, 2006

EHTEL International Conference "Improving patient safety and healthcare efficiency by implementing interoperable ePrescribing services across Europe and worldwide" in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 19-20 June 2006: Since ePrescribing will be implemented in many European Nations there is a pressing need for interoperable prescriptions and particularly for semantic interoperability of all medication related information. [01.09.2008: due to a last-minute glitch in the ongoing relaunch of the website please allow a few days until all documents links are updated for the presentations download]

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Luxembourg Declaration on Patient Safety (2005)

Access to high quality healthcare is a key human right recognised and valued by the European Union, its Institutions and the citizens of Europe. Accordingly, patients have a right to expect that every effort is made to ensure their safety as users of all health services.

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Stakeholders' Position Paper submitted to the Patient Safety Summit organised by the UK EU-Presidency

The Stakeholders' Position Paper on Patient Safety was jointly issued by EHTEL and many other European Stakeholder Organisations: CPME (lead), Eucomed, EHMA, EFN, ESQH, EFPIA, HOPE, AEMH, Danish Society for Patient Safety, European Patients' Forum and PGEU. Content inter alia is: Actions to be taken at European level, at national level and at the level of health care organisations.

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EHTEL ePrescribing Seminar 2004 (Amsterdam)

"ePrescribing - An Overview of Challenges and Experiences in Europe":European nations are moving forward from national Health-IT strategies to the implementation of eHealth services. Hence, many new services are already or will soon become available for the European consumers and patients. The scope of the information day was to inform about what is going on in European countries with regard to ePrescribing as well as to bring awareness about the benefits and drawbacks. Information on implementation in many European nations have been a key element of the seminar.

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