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Why you should join EHTEL - Benefits of Membership

As the eHealth focal point in Europe, EHTEL supports all stakeholders in their interest and engagement in eHealth. It does so by providing first-hand insight and information about what drives key eHealth policies, frameworks and deployments in Europe

Membership Benefits Examples

Joining the EHTEL community as a working member provides a number of unique benefits. These include:

  • Public Authorities will obtain a more detailed insight into the thinking behind current policies, enabling faster and clearer development of national activity.
  • Patient / Citizens/ Consumers will be empowered by understanding how eHealth can become a tool for them to better prevent and understand illness, to contribute to shared decision making and how to interact with strategies and policies at local, regional, national and European levels. •
  • Health Professionals will interact with other stakeholders to understand issues and concerns and consider the opportunities for improving clinical practice.
  • Health care providers will gain a faster understanding of emerging policy changes, emerging trends in patient concerns and aspirations, technological developments and access to good practice.
  • Health Insurers will gain a detailed insight into emerging technologies and study the possible organisational and economic impact of these technologies and the opportunities they can offer.
  • Industry and eHealth Solution Providers will obtain a much better understanding of emerging trends in health care and gain access to informed opinion about demands for types and volumes of eHealth technology.

In addition our members have the opportunity to influence policies related to new and existing initiatives and gaining visibility in the eHealth arena by:

  • Utilising the EHTELconnect set of services for personalised benefit.
  • Getting priority access (including discounts and speeches)to influential conferences.
  • Submitting papers jointly to professional publications.
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Our Community in numbers

50+ corporate members with 300+ staff from 20+ countries, coming from all stakeholder groups

4.000+ followers (all form of media) and 100.000 visits of the EHTEL web site every month

75% of our members involved in EU-funded projects to develop new knowledge on digital health

EHTEL Digital Health Events

10+ EU events with digital health on their programme every year, including

  • 2 networking events,
  • 2 working group meetings on eHealth infostructures,
  • 2 working group meetings on service innovation,
  • 1 workstream on digital integrated care,
  • and many more contributions to recurring large EU conferences.