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Kaye Health Systems Consulting (Israel)

[Health Care Consulting] Kaye Health Systems Consulting Group (Israel) is a select group of highly qualified and experienced healthcare systems management and eHealth professionals with expertise and experience in hands-on management of Healthcare Organizations (community care and acute care hospitals), Health Insurance, Health Care Policy and Planning, Long Term Care, Healthcare Promotion and Prevention, Healthy Aging and Aging in Place, Chronic Disease Management, Health Care Reform, Strategic Long Range Planning, and E-health: electronic health records, health management information systems and telemedicine.

There are four senior partners:

  • Prof. Ehud  Kokia, the immediate past Director General of the Hadassah Medical Organization, a physician with a clinical background in Gynecology, and one of the most progressive and dynamic and visionary leaders in the Israeli healthcare system today;
  • Dr. Rachelle Kaye, past director of the Maccabi Research Institute,  an active professional in the area of health care management for over 35 years, in North America, Israel and in Europe;
  • Mr. Jossef Jan, past CEO of the IT Company of Clal Group Holding and one of the recognized leaders in the Israeli Health Information Technology (IT) field;
  • Dr. Jonathan Shimshoni who has been involved extensively for over a decade  in business and strategy consulting, with a special focus on healthcare.
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