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Stakeholders in EHTEL

EHTEL members (currently 60) represent are broad spectrum of stakeholders like Healthcare Authorities, eHealth Competence Centres, Citizens/Patients Groups, Health Professionals, Health Insurers, Academics and industry.

Stakeholders in EHTEL

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Our Community in numbers

50+ corporate members with 300+ staff from 20+ countries, coming from all stakeholder groups

4.000+ followers (all form of media) and 100.000 visits of the EHTEL web site every month

75% of our members involved in EU-funded projects to develop new knowledge on digital health

EHTEL Digital Health Events

10+ EU events with digital health on their programme every year, including

  • 2 networking events,
  • 2 working group meetings on eHealth infostructures,
  • 2 working group meetings on service innovation,
  • 1 workstream on digital integrated care,
  • and many more contributions to recurring large EU conferences.