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Open Access [EHTEL 2013 Members' Update July] Suggesting Reading: eHealth in Finland / Register for Open Days (October) and other events

EHTELconnect Peer Review published // mHealth Grand Tour // Hospital Innovation // Register your participation to RH @ Open Days // European Telemedicine Conference // Save the date: EHTEL 2013 Symposium (2 -3 December)


Dear EHTEL Member and Colleague,

Please find here some suggested reading for the summer break and useful information to plan the second half of the year.

Before reading on, please consider whether your organisation is already represented in the just opening eAGM: All members have been invited to nominate one person to represent them in the eAGM 2013 (virtual Annual General Meeting from 27 July to 23 August). Now, while the legal quorum is achieved, we would welcome some additional nominations. If you are aware that the administrative contact in your organisation is on vacation there may be a deputy to step in. The deadline is Tuesday, 23 July, 17:00 CET. Please contact us for further details if needed.

July 2013, Finland: The report on the EHTELconnect Peer Review "eHealth Strategy and Action Plan of Finland in a European Context" has been published by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health of Finland. Now we can also share this important work with our members:
In early 2013, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health of Finland requested an expert peer review of the Finnish eHealth Strategy and Action Plan. It was organised and accompanied by EHTEL (Marc Lange, Diane Whitehouse and Stephan Schug) in the context of the EHTELconnect service package. The meeting took place in Helsinki, Finland, on 26/27 February 2013. Finnish plans and achievements were introduced by 15 Finnish presenters from the Ministry, the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA). The peers - invited and coordinated by EHTEL - were ten senior experts from a range of European, and nearby, countries, including three members of the EHTEL team .

Th report eHealth strategy and action plan of Finland in a European context - compiled and edited by Diane Whitehouse and Stephan Schug of EHTEL - summarises the proceedings of the peer review meeting and its conclusions. For example, Chapter 2 describes the organisation and financing of Finland's healthcare system. Chapter 3 examines the Finnish health and social care system's policies and governance and relevant legal and regulatory frameworks. Chapter 4 describes the eHealth architecture and its application to social care. Chapters 7 and 8 assess the foundation of interoperability, i.e., use of standards, structured data, and coding services. The report's conclusions are provided using the structure of a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis. This analysis highlights the main opportunities for progressing Finland's health and social care domains through a well-conceived eHealth deployment. You can download here the full report "eHealth strategy and action plan of Finland in a European context" and visit here the information on the Finnish Ministry homepage.

Then, for after the summer break, please your calendars (and register) for the events below.

5 - 19 September, Brussels to Barcelona, The mHealth Grand Tour "Mobile at the heart of health" 
This cycle ride - jointly presented by the International Diabetes Federation - Europe and GSMA (mobile operators worldwide) isn't just a bike trip - it will demonstrate innovative solutions to the challenges of managing diabetes, i.e. devices, applications and health solutions that can help people manage diabetes and related conditions. The trip goes from Brussels to Barcelona in 13 days, it is 2,100km long with more than 22,000 meters of climbs.
Participation: "Anyone can participate in the mHealth Grand Tour by entering as an individual, joining one of the charity teams, an industry team or by entering their own company team". Please explore the matter further at

30 Sep - 1 Oct 2013, in Odense, Denmark: Hospital+Innovation Congress – partnering for sustainable health care design:
Denmark will over the next ten years spend € 5.5 billion on the construction of 16 hospitals. At this conference, international stakeholders who are interested in establishing cross-border partnerships between public and private stakeholders stakeholders from the public and private sector will meet to discuss sustainable future health care solutions through innovative private and public partnerships.
More information and registration is at:

7 - 10 October 2013,  in Brussels, Belgium: OPEN DAYS – 11th European Week of Regions and Cities 
The "Open Days" is the landmark event on EU Regional Policy. 6,000 participants gather each October to debate, exchange know-how and network. This years slogan is ‘Europe’s regions and cities taking off for 2020’, cf.

8 October 2013,  11:15 - 13:00 h at Thon Hotel EU, Rue de la Loi, 75, 1040 Brussels (Open Days Workshop Code 08C10):
"Citizens' well-being through mobile care / Efficient personal health services - the silent health revolution"

This event is co-organised by EHTEL and hosted by the RENEWING HeALTH Regional Partnership. The workshop will showcase outcomes and lessons learned from care provided to 7000 patients in the framework if the RH pilots and is intended to start a fruitful debate with all European stakeholders on the routine use of telemedicine services. Led by RH coordinator Claus Duedal Pedersen, first results will be presented by Panos Stafylas, RH Medical Coordinator; Tuula Karhula (South Karelia), Claudio Saccavini (Veneto Region) and Anne Sorknæs (Region of Southern Denmark).
The OPEN DAYS registration is now open at:
and we invite you to register (for free) at your earliest convenience. NB: Have your ID card number and expiry ready.
Important: Registration for a workshop of the OPEN DAYS is open to all interested persons. Still, we have a limited capacity and places also have to be reserved for project members. Hence register your interest as early as possible. We will try to support your participation in the multi-step registration process.

29 - 30 October 2013, in Edinburgh, Scotland: European Telemedicine Conference
The first annual European Telemedicine Conference (ETC) combines the efforts of several leading European Healthcare Organisations into one powerful event. In 2013, the ETC incorporates the annual Scottish Centre for Telemedicine and Telecare Conference with the UPMC International Telemedicine Conference. Subjects highlighted are e.g. ** Understand how telemedicine is working to deliver improved care; ** Evaluate clinical applications of telemedicine; ** Assess the sustainability of projects; ** Learn how research will be translated into real improvements in the delivery of healthcare and ** What infrastructure is needed to enable cost-effective telehealth delivery.
The programme outline is now online at:

Save the Date ! EHTEL 2013 Symposium:
"Sustainable Partnerships for
Well-being and eHealth", 
2-3 December 2013 at EESC, Rue Van Maerlant 2, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

The yearly EHTEL symposium will once more be kindly hosted at the European Economic and Social Committee.

European health policy leaders, strategic European projects and initiatives, NGOs, industry representatives and other stakeholders will meet with EHTEL and EESC to explore three key questions

  1. Synergies of value added services and shared infrastructures for sustainable health care,
  2. Partnerships in health care and social care as a sustainable support for ageing well and
  3. The new dimension opened up by "open data" and "big data", for both public health policies and new sustainable partnerships of patients, citizens and health care actors.

Please refer to for further information and updates. The registration will open in late August 2013.

We look forward meeting you there, as always.

Kindest regards,

Marc Lange, Stephan Schug, Diane Whitehouse and David Garwood
The EHTEL Team

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