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Focusing on the "triple win" to benefit people, health systems and the market

On 25th April 2018, the European Commission launched a new Communication on the digital transformation of health and care. Data - its sharing and handling - is at its core, and this is an important component of Europe's Digital Single Market strategy.

Focusing on the "triple win" to benefit people, health systems and the market

Communication 2018(233) Infographic, Copyright European Commission

Brussels, 30 April 2018

The Communication has three key areas of prime concern:

  • Citizens' secure access to, and sharing of, data.
  • Better data to promote research, disease prevention, and personalised health and care.
  • Digital tools for citizen empowerment and for person-centred care.

EHTEL and its Members are very much in support of these three areas of work. Indeed, through EHTEL's submissions to various consultation processes, the association has contributed to building relevant policy messages around management and governance; interoperability; and citizens' empowerment (see EHTEL's commentary related to the December 2017 Council Conclusions).

The Communication announces 12 important actions to be taken by the European Commission. These action areas offer significant new opportunities to health and care stakeholders in building the "triple win" that will benefit Europe's people, health systems, and market.
Stakeholders across the whole Union - Member States, regions, health and care authorities, and from civic society - are called on to support this narrative. With its multi-stakeholder approach to the digital health ecosystem, EHTEL will lead the way.

EHTEL's President, John CRAWFORD, comments that: "Digitisation of health and care in these three areas is key. EHTEL is extremely pleased to support the very concrete ways in which the European Commission and the digital health community are moving forward. As an important multi-stakeholder platform, EHTEL is encouraged by this stronger joint effort to translate belief into practical commitment. Our own members are keen to build on the Communication's proposed use of new tools, methods, competences, and capabilities."

EHTEL's General Secretary, Marc LANGE adds: "Let's work together to incentivise the use of digital tools by bridging gaps between the demand and supply side on health and care digitisation. Innovation is key. Yet - at the same time - let's not forget that legacy challenges will continue to play an important role as we move towards greater digitisation of health and care."

Two EHTEL working groups, the Innovation Initiative (dedicated to innovation management) and ELO Network (focused on national and regional digital health infrastructure), already bring together experts in the key areas. In addition, EHTEL's recently-formed Digital Integrated Care Task Force enables even more focus.

Projects in which EHTEL has been, or is still, involved can indeed provide support and insights into immediate next steps following the Communication : EU*US eHealth work; Progressive; SCIROCCO, VALUeHealth, and WE4AHA. EHTEL's continuing commitment to the EC eHealth Stakeholders' Group and the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing will surely also be of assistance.

Download full Press Release [PDF]

Note for editors

Launched in 1999, EHTEL is the original multi-stakeholder organisation in Europe that brings together organisations and individuals engaged in all aspects of eHealth. Its unique structure enables the exchange of ideas and information leading to innovation and improvement in the delivery of eHealth solutions and the transformation of health and social care. EHTELconnect is a service package is a service package developed by implementers and for implementers. It facilitates a common multi-stakeholder understanding of implementation projects and a self-assessment of implementation successes and challenges.

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