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Annual EHTEL Symposium

The annual EHTEL symposium convenes the European eHealth community in the heart of Brussels, Belgium. Together with leading actors for digital health around the globe, the events' agenda explores regularly newest trends for eHealth/mHealth in Europe. In 2015, for example, it took the format of a Joint Digital Healthcare Symposium, colocation of a Policy Event at the European Parliament, the United4Health Final Conference and the 7th Annual EHTEL eHealth Symposium.

EHTEL 2018 Symposium "Empowered Partners in Health through user-driven digitisation"

3-5 December 2018 in Brussels: the European Digital Health community met at the 9th annual EHTEL Symposium. Conversations were anchored on the well-being of European societies. The symposium provided it attendants with insight and dialogue on how user-driven digitisation is delivering benefits to empower all stakeholders in health.

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EHTEL 2017 Symposium "Going all digital - Making it happen for health"

March 2017 in Brussels: The 8th yearly EHTEL Symposium convened the European eHealth community - health policy leaders, strategic EU projects and initiatives, NGOs, industrialists and more stakeholders. The 2017 Event has been inspired by EHTEL's championship for the Blueprint on Digital Transformation of Health and Care for the Ageing Society. Also, the Digital Single Market objective "Digital first" provided perspectives around digital innovations and the transformation of care. The event comprised the EHTEL Communities' day (15 March - EHTEL premises) and the EHTEL Symposium Plenary Day (16 March) hosted by EESC, at Rue Van Maerlant 2, Brussels - Belgium.

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Joint Digital Healthcare Symposium "Our Digital Health ... is everyone ready?"

Given earlier Alert Levels in Brussels, most of the Joint Digital Healthcare Symposium took finally place on 19-20 January 2016. The STOA workshop "eHealth in Europe: reality and challenges ahead" was held in the European Parliament on 1 December 2015 (the original date of the full symposium) and is accessible as recorded web stream.

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6th Annual EHTEL Symposium 2014 "Innovating for Better Outcomes in Health and Social Care"

At the 6th Annual EHTEL Symposium 2014, speakers, panellists and delegates shared lessons on innovation in health and social care and their link to health outcomes; integrated care communities; telemedicine moving from theory to practice and other subjects. We also had a lively continuation from last year's debate on Big Data vs. Big Health.

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5th Annual EHTEL Symposium 2013 "Sustainable Partnerships for Well-being and eHealth"

The yearly EHTEL 2013 Symposium convened once more the European eHealth community - European health policy leaders, strategic European projects and initiatives, NGOs, industry representatives and other stakeholders - in the heart of Brussels, Belgium. As of 10 December, all presentations and multimedia content is ready for online access and download (just click on the picture below to access download area).

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4th Annual EHTEL Symposium 2012 "Fact not Fiction: The future of eHealth is already here"

[Presentations can be downloaded from detailed programme below]: EHTEL kindly thanks all participants for making the event so lively and insightful: More than 150 eHealth and telehealthcare enthusiasts from Europe and beyond met on 6-7 December for the EHTEL 2012 Symposium "Fact not Fiction: The future of eHealth is already here", held in the premises of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), Rue van Maerlant 2, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. The positive feedback was overwhelming and rewarding, particularly for all EHTEL members on site. The event co-incided with the launch of the eHealth Action Plan 2012-2020 - Innovative healthcare for the 21st century on which participants received a first hand presentation by DG CONNECT.

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3rd Annual EHTEL Symposium 2011 and RENEWING HeALTH Midterm Workshop

More than 150 eHealth stakeholders met on November 30th and December 1th to discuss how to change the traditional delivery models of European healthcare and welfare for making them better fit to the long-term needs of persons with chronic conditions. The dialogue on new strategies and their implementation was particularly inspired by a keynote from Kaiser Permanente, US. The EHTEL2011 Symposium - colocated with the RENEWING HeALTH Midterm Workshop - convened European-wide leaders, drivers and frontrunners, including health policy, competence centres and many stakeholder representatives. The event was kindly hosted by the EESC, the voice of organised civil society in the Union's decision-making process. [all presentations are available for download (PDF)].

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2nd Annual EHTEL Symposium 2010 "eHealth in Europe's Regions: Acting for Citizens' Health"

The EHTEL 2010 Symposium was jointly organised by EHTEL, the Assembly of European Regions (AER) and the European Regional and Local Health Authorities (EUREGHA) and hosted by the Committee of the Regions (CoR) in Brussels on 22-23 November 2010. 170 Representatives of 42 Regions from 22 countries attended this inspiring event that marked the launch of the mutual cooperation for eHealth in Europe’s Regions. On the page below you can download all presentations - they are marked by a leading [*].

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EHTEL 2009 Anniversary Symposium "Joining for Visions of Person Centred Health"

The symposium "Joining for Visions of Person Centred Health" was held on 21-22 October 2009 together with the the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) at Rue Belliard 99, Brussels. We kindly thank all speakers and participants to the symposium. Presentations can be downloaded by pointing to presentation titles.

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