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Smart Cards as Enabling Technology for Future-Proof Healthcare

White Paper of eEurope Smart Card Charter, November 2002. The eEurope Smart Card (eESC) initiative "is designed to encourage the deployment of smart cards across Europe and respond to the wants and needs of the citizens and the business community". This White Paper extends this mission to the field of health and healthcare; thereby highlighting patients and citizens wants and needs in the emerging era of eHealth services. "Within the overall eEurope 2002 initiative a smart card action plan was specified, the first step of which was the creation of a Smart Card Charter setting down the issues that have to be resolved before smart cards can fully act to support the aspirations of citizens with respect to ICT. The action plan addresses both the citizens needs and those of the business community in terms of business cases, multi-functionality and interoperability of systems and infrastructure, and the provision of trust in all aspects of service delivery." "The trailblazer on health [one of the 12 projects of the Smart Card Charter] should give recommendations for a European wide interoperability of health cards. This applies to patient data cards as well as to health professional cards and to their usage in networks. It covers administrative data as well as health/health related data […]." This document is the "White Paper" which constitutes a principal output of 'Trailblazer' 11. It presents views expressed by members who have specific experience in the use of Smart Cards in the health care sector.

eESC_White-Paper-2002-11-26.pdf — PDF document, 1673Kb

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