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EHTEL Ambassador Activities

As eHealth Ambassador in China, EHTEL is in the process of establishing some collaboration about eHealth with a research institute in China, the School of Life Science of the2013-08-07 Nanjing - Marc Lange - Policy on Technologies Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), depending from the University of Beijing, and the Institute of Science and technical information of China (ISTIC), depending from the ministry of Science and Technology.

A Memorandum of understanding has been signed by both parties in August 2013 which provides the following: "The MoU is intended to establish an eHealth Research Centre in the School of Life Science of BIT to advance Health telematics theory, methodology and applications of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The two parties will establish groups of experts to undertake specific projects within the fields mentioned through this cooperation."

An exploratory mission has been organised in August 2013 and gave to the EHTEL representative the occasion to have workshops in Shanghai, Nanjing and Beijing and meet representatives of

  • Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
  • Council for the Promotion of International Trade of the province of Jiang Su
  • Jiangsu Provincial Family Health Services (to be compared with a Regional Ministry of Health in Europe)
  • 301 Hospital, Beijing (the largest hospital of China, with more than 1000 teleconsultation points across China)
  • National Research Institute for Family Planning, Beijing
  • George Institute for Global Health at Peking University Health Science Center

Video "EHTEL presenting RENEWING HeALTH (EU co-funded Telemedicine Project)"

Presentations [PDF]:

2013-08-05, Shanghai: Marc Lange - Health policy and economics

2013-08-07, Nanjing: Marc Lange - Policy on Technologies

2013-08-08, Beijing: Marc Lange - Health policy and economics

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