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Telehealth Readiness Assessment

What is needed to deploy telemedicine in routine care? The right context, involvement of the key people, good planning and sound “running” of the process. Building on the Momentum Blueprint and its critical success factors and performance indicators, the assessment will help decision makers to scale up technology enabled care overall and telehealth and telemedicines services in particular. A self-assessment toolkit applied in advance helps organisations determine whether they are "ready" for scaling up their services.


The MOMENTUM Blueprint distils the key learnings from the many partners and telehealth competence centres in the Momentum Thematic Network project: it can be used as a kind of cookbook or set of guidelines for doing telemedicine scale-up.

The Momentum Blueprint has been iterated and improved through a set of versions. As a result of the feedback from various audiences invited to validate the Blueprint as well as personnel from the Sørlandet hospital and University of Agder (in Kristiansand, Norway), the Blueprint has been substantially shortened; the explanations and the order of the critical success factors were improved; and a self-assessment toolkit was added.

This toolkit is a combination of the Telemedicine Readiness Self-Assessment Tool (TREAT) and Momentum’s critical success factors. Used in the right circumstances, the toolkit helps to gauge the level of readiness of an organisation by way of a comprehensive questionnaire and a consultative workshop involving all the relevant stakeholders. It ensures that the people in the organisation share the vision of scaling-up and are committed to its success.

The Momentum project, home of the Blueprint, has been a three-year initiative of European eHealth stakeholder associations and competence centres that was co-funded by the European Commission. Although Momentum ended in January 2015, a mechanism and business model is being developed for Momentum consortium members to be made available on contract to help an organisation or region deploy telemedicine and share their positive experiences with others.

1 Critical success factors for a deployment strategy

  • 1 Ensure that there is cultural readiness for the telemedicine service.
  • 2 Ensure leadership through a champion.
  • 3 Come to a consensus on the advantages of telemedicine in meeting compelling need(s).
  • 4 Pull together the resources needed for deployment.

2 Critical success factors for managing organisational change

  • 5 Address the needs of the primary client(s).
  • 6 Involve healthcare professionals and decision-makers.
  • 7 Prepare and implement a business plan.
  • 8 Prepare and implement a change management plan.
  • 9 Put the patient at the centre of the service.

3 Critical success factors from a legal, regulatory and security perspective

  • 10 Assess the conditions under which the service is legal.
  • 11 Identify and apply relevant legal and security guidelines.
  • 12 Involve legal and security experts.
  • 13 Ensure that telemedicine doers and users are “privacy aware”.

4 Critical success factors from an ICT perspective

  • 14 Ensure that the appropriate information technology infrastructure and eHealth infrastructure are available.
  • 15 Ensure that the technology is user-friendly.
  • 16 Put in place the technology and processes needed to monitor the service.
  • 17 Establish and maintain good procurement processes.
  • 18 Guarantee the technology has the potential for scale-up

A Workshop on the subject is normally engaging a smaller, specially invited audience. The results of the workshop will be documented and can be used by the host for internal and external purposes towards promoting innovative digital healthcare.

Examples of such Workshops can be indicated on request.

How Do We Move Things Forward?

The first step is to contact EHTEL and to have an initial meeting or conference call to discuss the potential opportunity.

I’m interested. Whom should I contact for more details?

For further information and to discuss your specific requirements, please contact
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Please click/touch image to download the Blueprint in a Nutshell leaflet developed based on the MOMENTUM Thematic Network.
Momentum Blueprint Leaflet for Download

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