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P&C Positions on Home Care, Patient Safety and EHR

Position Papers of the EHTEL Patients&Citizens Group: In preparation of the EHTEL Satellite Event at WORLD OF HEALTH IT on 10 October 2006 in Geneva three position papers highlighting the views of the Patients towards eHealth have been prepared (Please click on "more" for the download page").

The 3 domains which have been investigated by the EHTEL Task Force "Empowering Patients&Citizens" for the position papers are:

  • Home care,
  • Patient safety,
  • Electronic Health Record and patient consent:

picture-1-home-care.jpg         picture-2-EHR.jpg         picture-3-patient-safety.jpg
Care in the Home
A Position Paper

and Patient Safety
A Position Paper
The Electronic Health Record
A Position Paper


Starting from the investigations of the EHTEL Task Force "Empowering Patients&Citizens", we will open the floor for an extensive discussion with various Stakeholders. These three position papers are submitted to the comments of the EHTEL membership and are also open to public comments.

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