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"From e-Health to m-Health" e-ID Management and Trusted ICT Technologies for Healthcare [21 Sept 2010]

Pre-conference Workshop September 21, 2010 In the framework of World e-ID conference Sept. 22-24, 2010 - Sophia Antipolis French Riviera


From large healthcare systems towards patient-centered solutions, ICT are at the heart of a rich field for innovation: e-Health. The introduction of new technologies in the highly sensitive domain of Healthcare raises numerous challenges: how to overcome the lack of interoperability between national health programs, how to enable secure access to patient health information, how to improve legal certainty of new services, how to improve consumer acceptance, etc.

The workshop aims to answer these challenges through focusing on security and privacy of data provided by e-ID management solutions and trusted applications of e-Health. This aim will be grounded by a wide set of demos and use case presentations from research and industry.

The World e-ID Program Committee is inviting proposals for presentations from government and private sector e-Health experts, system developers, implementers, managers and industry leaders, e-service providers and others with extensive relevant experiences and insight in e-health domains.


Non exhaustive list of proposed topics:
1 - e-Health policies, strategy and infrastructure (eGov approach)

  • National e-Health policies, health insurance systems
  • Record systems interoperability and standards issues
  • Healthcare cards / smart cards as an enabler for e-health services
  • EU and national programs: e-Emergency Card, e-Health cross border, eEHIC etc.

2 - Tele-medicine / Tele-health

  • New health-dedicated electronic interfaces
  • Patient-centric care based on tele-medicine
  • Access to information and knowledge-sharing issues
  •  Use cases in various environments and context: hospital, home, emergency scene...

3 - Wireless and mobile applications in eHealth : toward m-health

  • - Personal health systems exploiting mobile phones and smart phones
  • - Dedicated devices connected using cellular networks
  • - Other smart mobile devices for healthcare

4 - Emerging Technologies in eHealth

  • Ubiquitous computing technologies/ambient intelligence technologies
  • Use cases

The full submission procedure available at:

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  • Smart Mobility, The building trusted mobile applications


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