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Continuity, Collaboration, Communication (3C) Rome 2007

EHTEL International Conference: Continuity, Collaboration, Communication: Challenges for Healthcare and Opportunities for eHealth. Documentation of the EHTEL International Conference in Rome, Italy (Congress Centre Palazzo Rospigliosi, Via XXIV Maggio 43, 00187 ROMA), 24-25 May 2007 [01.09.2008: due to a last-minute glitch in the ongoing relaunch of the website please allow a few days until all documents links are updated for the presentations download]

3C: Mission and Programme

Continuity of healthcare through all life spheres of patients is a key element of recent European agendas. The next challenge for healthcare is to enable improved information management and better communication among health professionals, e.g. physicians, pharmacists, nurses etc. in hospitals, private practices, pharmacies and also in community and homecare environments. The conference explores the concrete issues on "3C" (Continuity, Collaboration, Communication) and their influence on the eHealth infostructure (e.g. dissemination and customisation of clinical pathways, clinical datasets, reference terminologies vs. value sets, patient summaries).

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Programme and Opening Session

Programme and Presentations of the Opening Session Chair: Mats Larson, EHTEL

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Panel: Ptolemaic vs. Copernican

How healthcare policies and re-organisation of care provision will influence the eHealth roadmaps. Participants: Paola Tarquini, Russell W. Jones, Jörg Stadler, Barbara Stuttle; Chair: Mats Larson, Introductory Position Statement: Angelo Rossi Mori

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Parallel Session A

Programme and Presentations of Parallel Session A: 3C in disease-oriented networks, through shared clinical pathways Facilitators: Angelica Frithiof, EHTEL Patient Task Force; Lisette Tiddens-Engwirda, CPME

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Parallel Session B

Programme and Presentations of Parallel Session B: 3C in the community (GPs, health centres, community pharmacies, home care, nursing homes, …) Facilitators: John Chave, PGEU, Gerard Freriks, Conexis, The Nederlands

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Parallel Session C

Programme and Presentation of Parallel Session C: 3C for integration of social and health care in support of independent living Facilitators: Pascal Garel, HOPE; Carlo Francescutti, Regional Health Agency of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

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Key Note Session

Programme and Presentation of the Keynote Session: "Advancing the Debate and making progress on Communication, Collaboration and Continuity". Session Chair: Diane Whitehouse, Castlegate Consultancy, UK

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Stakeholder Round Table

Stakeholder Round Table: "3C & eHealth: Impact and Possible Synergies" with Position Statements from: Stefano Inglese, Advisor to the Minister of Health, Italy; Jörg Pruckner, CPME; John Chave, PGEU; Pascal Garel, HOPE; Chairs: Marc Lange, Stephan Schug, EHTEL

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