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Anniversary Navigator February 2009

Moving eHealth beyond the “e” – EHTEL celebrates its 10th Anniversary and looks ahead: "The past decade has been the witness of quite noticeable changes of health care by Health ICT. Nowadays, eHealth symbolises the modernisation of healthcare in support of quality of care, empowerment of patients, higher efficiency and also increased health professional job satisfaction. This has not happened by itself, rather a synergy of strategic plans, political commitments and technical developments was needed. [..]"

Anniversary Navigator February 2009

Navigator VII, Issue 1 (2009) [frontpage]

Founded in 1999, EHTEL, the European Health Telematics Association has been an integral part and often a moderator of these achievements. Today – based on its multi­stakeholder membership – EHTEL provides an important platform to reflect the current situation and to look ahead into the future.

Download/Open: Navigator 2009(1) "Moving eHealth beyond the "e" -EHTEL celebrates its 10th Anniversary and looks ahead " [PDF]

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