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Nav 05/1 Borderless Communication

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[standard edition] "Borderless Communication for a Healthy Europe": As a follow-up to the successful 'eHealth Interoperability Workshop – the Government and Expert View' on 01.06.2004, the i2-health project has been defined and is receiving funding from the eTEN programme of the European Commission. It is supporting high level health policy goals.

Nav 05/1 Borderless Communication

Navigator III, Issue 1 (2005) [frontpage]

Citizen mobility and borderless care are key European Union policy priorities, which are supported by the European eHealth Action Plan.

While healthcare is being thoroughly transformed, proper interoperability measures have to assure that patient information in digital form is at least as accessible and usable as paper based data.

Health policy makers, health professionals, healthcare providers and the IT-industry have to work hand in hand to assure the meaningful and secure exchange of medical data.

i2-health will identify requirements and submit recommendations for the deployment of interoperable eHealth infrastructures and services for trans-European use through the definition of a generic eHealth interoperability framework and common approaches to

  • patient/professional identifiers
  • ePrescribing and health data messages.

i2-Health will call on all the relevant stakeholders to join forces.

i2-health will review existing approaches and pilot solutions, analyse use cases, perform need and gap analyses, and develop a concrete work plan towards a pan-European solution.

i2-health is an initiative funded by the eTEN Programme of the European Commission.
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