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Nav 06/1 Chronic Conditions

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[standard edition] "eHealth – added value for the Care for Chronic Conditions": While ICT experts were informed about the tremendous raise of chronic conditions foreseen for the upcoming decade, health professionals understood that the eHealth services being recently implemented across Europe will be a useful tool to cope with their growing burdens of demands for cure and care.

Nav 06/1 Chronic Conditions

Navigator IV, Issue 1 (2006) [frontpage]

Some key findings highlighted in the Navigator are:

  • Chronic diseases will highly increase the burden on European Health Systems, e.g. the number of diabetic patients is about to double until the year 2015
  • Primary care will have to tackle most of the increasing demands for care.
  • eHealth tools may and must contribute to avoid that primary care professionals are burned out by the expected increase in demand for care.
  • Hospitalisation of chronically ill patients is a "failure" for the health system.
  • eHealth improves the quality of life of the chronically ill by enabling home care.
  • Disease management programmes cannot be efficient without electronic documentation.
  • Chronic diseases are becoming the use case for the large scale deployment of electronic health records (EHR).

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