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Navigator eHealthweek 2010 edition

eHealth: Looking ahead with EHTEL: "The context is exciting and challenging. Healthcare faces a decade of transformation where information will become the currency of change, underpinning the spectrum from global to local. Most of the debate will happen away from front-line care, but real progress will be achieved primarily at local level in clinical interaction with patients, in clinical process, in self-management and shared responsibilities. If information is the currency of change, then eHealth is one of the key enablers, as long as the key stakeholders can find ways to deploy its potential effectively. [..]"

Navigator eHealthweek 2010 edition

Navigator VII, Issue 1 (2009) [frontpage]

Martin Denz, EHTEL president: "On the occasion of our 10th Anniversary on 22 October 2009, EHTEL’s Board of Directors initiated the process of defining a vision for EHTEL for the coming decade. This vision is now released and will serve as foundation to define jointly with stakeholders an action plan to confirm EHTEL as a Thought Leader in eHealth."

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