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Navigator eHealthweek 2013 edition

Looking forward to the Digital Health and Social Continuum: Digital Health is a reality around Europe. Innovative approaches extend the health and social continuum and open up new opportunities for all stakeholders. Actors around the globe re-iterate the truism of the high demands for IT-enabled healthcare coordination that stem from higher prevalence of chronic conditions in ageing societies. Improving outcomes, controlling costs and reducing disparities across populations have become economic and social imperatives around the world. Looking forward, societies must prepare themselves to the avalanche of health and social needs that a new generation may bring. We see forward thinkers cultivating new, integrated communities of care that share common goals centred on the patient - to understand the individual's context and their populations more holistically - to address not only clinical factors of illness, but to encompass the social determinants and life style choices that impact health outcomes. New, smarter systems of care are developing to create more sustainable, cost-effective approaches to optimising resources, individual health and community vitality. [..]"

Navigator eHealthweek 2013 edition

Navigator IX, Issue 1 (2013) [frontpage]

Professor George Crooks OBE, EHTEL president: "We as EHTEL recognise that the transformation of health and social care by eHealth is now one of the highest political, social and economic drivers across the regions and nations of Europe."

Download/Open: Navigator 2013(1) "Looking forward to the Digital Health and Social Continuum" [PDF]

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