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ETHICAL Principles for eHealth - Briefing Paper

ETHICAL Principles for eHealth: Conclusions from the Consultation of Ethics Experts around the Globe, A Briefing Paper. From the foreword by former EHTEL President Martin Denz: Trust and credibility are at heart of any relationship, this counts all the more for healthcare. Preconditions for this are ethical principles and personal values. If eHealth stakeholders are aiming for sustainability, this must be grounded in responsible thus ethically based activities. It is therefore crucial to reflect about ethical determinants and conditions related to eHealth. With this Briefing Paper, EHTEL aims to reinforce its role as an integrative enabler. Beyond its activities as a platform and networking node, EHTEL is creating added value for all healthcare stakeholders by producing reports and publications. This document has been prepared to provide Members and Friends of EHTEL with an overview of the work of the ETHICAL 7th Framework project. The project was concerned with the ethical issues that surround the collection, use and retention of medical and biometric data. This report concentrates on those aspects of the project that were associated with medical data. Using extracts from the project’s deliverables, it highlights ethical issues that have a bearing on the design, delivery and operation of eHealth developments.

EHTEL-ETHICAL-Briefing-Principles-for-eHealth_2012-07-15.pdf — PDF document, 777Kb

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