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The yearly EHTEL 2013 Symposium convened once more the European eHealth community - European health policy leaders, strategic European projects and initiatives, NGOs, industry representatives and other stakeholders - in the heart of Brussels, Belgium to share lessons on: 1) Citizens and patients in the driving seat: online interaction with healthcare services, 2) access to health records and putting meaningful eHealth services in patients' hands; 3) Partnerships in health care and social care as a sustainable support for ageing well; 4) Synergies of value added services and shared infrastructures for sustainable health care; "open data" vs. "big data": implications for personal health and public health policies; and 5) Personalised medicine in the era of big data, e.g. what is in for tailored prevention and what do we need to achieve to maintain privacy and security?

EHTEL-2013-Symposium-full-Agenda-v32.pdf — PDF document, 1069Kb

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