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D1-4 Linking Innovation in Health and Social Care to Better Daily Living

The session "Linking Innovation in Health and Social Care to Better Daily Living" - chaired by Stephan Schug, EHTEL - pursued high ambitions towards the overall theme of the Symposium: Can (digital) innovations help societies to make a difference in terms of health outcomes or even in preventing/delaying the onset of disease? Petra Wilson, CEO of the International Diabetes Foundation, introduced a demanding use case via the breath-taking figures on the Diabetes pandemia. Diabetes is currently the most demanding chronic condition in terms of both quality of life and life expectancy of the global population: Numbers are expected to rise from nearly 400 millions in 2014 to as many as 600 million diabetics worldwide in the year 2035. Likewise, a deficit of 13 million health professionals in their support is expected. Yet digital innovations may help: Big Data supports prediction and plans on the population level, mHealth APPs will support wellness and fitness to prevent diabetes as well as helping diabetics to manage their condition to improve their bets against diabetes complications. Yoram Feldman of Gertner Institute presented a promising approach for the remote support of people needing long-term rehabilitation from stroke. Serious health games combined with sophisticated remote support by physiotherapists helps to improve the functional outcome beyond the expectations and the patience of the traditional approach. Reability and Yoram Feldman are also often mentioned in television broadcasts - just look up his name in Youtube [follow "Read More" to see presentations].

EHT14 D1-41 Petra Wilson - IDF - Innovating for Diabetes 25 Nov 2014.pdf

Innovating to Beat the Diabetes Curve (Petra Wilson, International Diabetes Federation, Brussels, Belgium)

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EHT14 D1-42 Yoram Feldman - Gertner - ReAbilityOnline 25 Nov 2014.pdf

Big Steps in Rehabilitation through Innovation (Yoram Feldman, Gertner Institute, Tel Aviv, Israel)

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