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D2-2B EHTEL Innovation Workshop: Innovation Governance, Methods and Tools

The EHTEL Innovation Workshop (parallel session) has been facilitated by Marc Lange, EHTEL. The EHTEL Innovation Initiative identies good practices in incubating service innovation in healthcare with the objective to foster decision making towards scaling and mainstreaming its results. Besides welcoming speakers from innovation agendies Galicia, Kent County and Catalonia participants listenend also to industry representative Matteo Melideo from Engineering, Rome and Jerome De Barros of AAL-Europe [follow "Read More" to see presentations].

EHT14 D2-2B1 Javier Quiles - SERGAS - Galician Experiences in Health Innovation.pdf

Galician Experiences in Health Innovation (Javier Quiles del Río, Galician Health Service - SERGAS, Santiago de Compostela, Spain)

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EHT14 D2-2B2 Jo Frazer - Kent County - Kent Innovation Hub.pdf

Integration Pioneer, Innovation Hub and Labs in Kent County (Jo Frazer, Kent County Council, Ashford, United Kingdom)

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EHT14 D2-2B3 Matteo Melideo - Engineering - Research to Products v4.pdf

From Research to Products – An industry Perspective (Matteo Melideo, Engineering, Rome, Italy)

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EHT14 D2-2B4 Jerome de Barros AAL Europe - AAL Programme.pdf

Innovation for Active and Health Ageing (Jerome De Barros, AAL-Europe, Brussels, Belgium)

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