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EHTELconnect use case reports and flyers with specifications of EHTELconnect services

EHTEL eHealth Study Visit Sicily Sept 2016 Report Part 1.pdf

The challenges of geography have inspired a set of innovative solutions for health and social care in Sicily. Tele-consultations enable highly specialised services – including home care – tailored to the needs of patients and professionals. The ISMETT hospital was set up through a partnership between the Region of Sicily and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) – a collaboration between a global integrated health enterprise and a United States (US)-based health care leader. This research hospital provides integrated medical services
 on organ transplantation focused on the South of Italy, and beyond. Indeed, the nearest other transplant hospital is located in Rome. Certified as an Italian hospital, the institution is managed by UPMC. The hospital was the site of a study visit organised by the European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL) for their members and the members of the Association Internationale de la Mutualité (AIM). It brought together eHealth practitioners (‘doers’) and insurance scheme specialists, alongside personnel from the European and American civil services. The visit combined a workshop with sessions that focused on the ISMETT context as well as on other partnerships for innovative health services in Euro-Mediterranean regions. Visit highlights included: a tour of ISMETT’s facilities; workshop presentations explaining the collaboration between the two hospitals in Palermo and Pittsburgh; other presentations outlining wider collaborations in Europe; as well as a European Union (EU)-US webinar on the upcoming activities in the EU-US work stream on innovation ecosystems. More than 25 people were at the study visit to the ISMETT-UPMC hospital in Palermo, Italy.

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EHTEL eHealth Study Visit Sicily Sept 2016 Report Part 2.pdf

Transatlantic Health IT/eHealth Cooperation Roadmap Webinar 'Supporting Transatlantic eHealth/Health IT Innovation Ecosystems' (26TH SEPTEMBER 2016). This public webinar presented an opportunity for feedback and dialogue among EU and US stakeholders on the new EU-US eHealth/Health IT MoU Roadmap. The new Roadmap was published on 27 July 2016, along with an Annex and represents the collaboration on eHealth/Health IT between the European Commission's DG CONNECT and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under the auspices of the Transatlantic Economic Council, and includes support from the U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. Department of State. In particular, this online session allowed the audience to join a roundtable that highlighted the new innovation ecosystems work-stream 'Supporting Transatlantic eHealth/Health IT Innovation Ecosystems'. This work-stream aims to become a powerful enabler for innovation in digital health on both sides of the Atlantic. It is anticipated that the stakeholder discussions held during the webinar will provide valuable input to carry out detailed action items found in the just-published version of the Roadmap and Annex. Medical practitioners, patient advocates and representative bodies, public sector officials, eHealth/Health IT policy makers, suppliers of eHealth/Health IT systems, educators, and other interested parties were invited to take part in the webinar to give their views and be part of the discussions on future EU-US cooperation activities. SPEAKERS: Gerald Cultot, Policy Officer, Directorate General Communications Networks, Content and Technology, European Commission; Stephen Konya, Senior Innovation Strategist, Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Matthew Hein, International Trade Specialist, U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration and Andrew Watson MD, Chief Medical Information Officer, UPMC International. FACILITATOR: Stephan Schug MD, Chief Medical Officer, EHTEL, Brussels – Belgium

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Overview: Scotland is undergoing significant public service reform. Three key aspects of this are the greater involvement of citizens in the planning and designing of services, an increasing shift to digital technologies, and the integration of health and social care. Technology-Enabled Care will play an important role in this reform. The Scottish Government, supported by the European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL), has undertaken a Readiness Check of the state-of-play of Technology-Enabled Care at the national level. The work was undertaken in two parts: a survey and a workshop. This report describes the background to the two-part exercise. The survey was based on the Momentum 18 critical success factors. Its objective was to collect data on stakeholders’ perceptions of the current status of the Technology-Enabled Care Programme. The findings of the on-line survey are reported. Following that, a workshop was organised to follow up on the survey findings. The workshop was held on Thursday 16 April 2015. The workshop objective was to create stakeholder awareness and consensus around the results of the on-line survey. The findings of the workshop are reported in terms of moving towards action planning. A preliminary set of workshop conclusions are laid out. As a result of the joint analysis, it is now possible to derive an action plan for scaling-up the use of technology-enabled care in Scotland. A set of proposed next steps in the journey towards an action plan are specified. Lessons learned from the exercise are also listed.

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In early 2013, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health of Finland requested an expert peer review of the Finnish eHealth Strategy and Action Plan. It was organised by the European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL) in the context of the EHTELconnect service package. The meeting took place in Helsinki, Finland, on 26/27 February 2013. Finnish plans and achievements were introduced by 15 Finnish presenters from the Ministry, the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA). The peers - invited and coordinated by EHTEL - were ten senior experts from a range of European, and nearby, countries, including three members of the EHTEL team (Marc Lange, Diane Whitehouse and Stephan Schug). The report eHealth strategy and action plan of Finland in a European context - compiled by Diane Whitehouse and Stephan Schug of EHTEL - summarises the proceedings of the peer review meeting and its conclusions.

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