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EHTEL eHealth Study Visit Sicily Sept 2016 Report Part 1.pdf

The challenges of geography have inspired a set of innovative solutions for health and social care in Sicily. Tele-consultations enable highly specialised services – including home care – tailored to the needs of patients and professionals. The ISMETT hospital was set up through a partnership between the Region of Sicily and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) – a collaboration between a global integrated health enterprise and a United States (US)-based health care leader. This research hospital provides integrated medical services
 on organ transplantation focused on the South of Italy, and beyond. Indeed, the nearest other transplant hospital is located in Rome. Certified as an Italian hospital, the institution is managed by UPMC. The hospital was the site of a study visit organised by the European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL) for their members and the members of the Association Internationale de la Mutualité (AIM). It brought together eHealth practitioners (‘doers’) and insurance scheme specialists, alongside personnel from the European and American civil services. The visit combined a workshop with sessions that focused on the ISMETT context as well as on other partnerships for innovative health services in Euro-Mediterranean regions. Visit highlights included: a tour of ISMETT’s facilities; workshop presentations explaining the collaboration between the two hospitals in Palermo and Pittsburgh; other presentations outlining wider collaborations in Europe; as well as a European Union (EU)-US webinar on the upcoming activities in the EU-US work stream on innovation ecosystems. More than 25 people were at the study visit to the ISMETT-UPMC hospital in Palermo, Italy.

EHTEL eHealth Study Visit Sicily Sept 2016 Report Part 1.pdf — PDF document, 2820Kb

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