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À la Carte Workshop

An EHTELconnect À la Carte Workshop is similar to a sponsored event but differs in that rather than describing a specific implementation, it focuses on a topical area of interest that can be explored in depth by a panel of expert speakers and an audience of prestigious thinkers and practitioners. It provides an opportunity for a commercial organisation to associate itself with current high level policy issues and relevant academic thought.


  • A Workshop can be delivered in any number of ways either as a major conference style event or engaging a smaller, specially invited audience. In both cases, the results of the event can be documented and published as a testament of the sponsors’ commitment to the promotion and progression of innovative digital healthcare.
  • Examples of such Workshops are the Thought Leaders Event featured as part of recent eHealth Weeks in locations such as Copenhagen, Dublin an Athens. Recognised as very important events, requests to attend the Workshops have been huge and highly oversubscribed.

What’s Involved?

Working with EHTEL and its dedicated conference organiser, the host organisation can determine the shape and content of the Workshop and the key speakers. EHTEL in turn promotes and advertises the event to its membership and to key people on its extensive database of digital healthcare experts across Europe and the globe. All organisational aspects (apart from the internal arrangements) of the visit are provided by EHTEL including registration, hospitality and management of the event on the day.

As a Host, can we decide on the audience for the Visit

Ultimately, yes as this is your event. However, experience has shown that participants to previous Study Visits have been self-selecting and nominated from relevant organisations and expertise. Naturally, the size of the audience must fit with your requirements and facilities and EHTEL will work with you to ensure this aspect is fully addressed.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Workshops are financed by the sponsoring organisation.

How Do We Move Things Forward?

The first step is to contact EHTEL and to have an initial meeting or conference call to discuss the potential opportunity. With its experience of organising À la Carte Workshops, EHTEL can help to advise on the structure and content and make suggestions about the type of audience members that should be targeted for maximum and mutual benefit. Initial discussions can also cover details of costs and timescales.

I’m interested. Whom should I contact for more details?

For further information and to discuss your specific requirements, please contact
EHTEL, Avenue de Tervueren 168, Box 2 - B-1150 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 230 1534 Fax: +32 2 230 8440

Please click/touch image to download the EHTELconnect Leaflet on A la Carte Workshops.

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By commissioning an À la Carte Workshop, you can benefit from:

  • An intensive event of first-hand knowledge, interactive learning and reflection;
  • A focused and relevant programme
  • Direct access to speakers who are recognised experts in their field
  • An opportunity to promote new developments and technologies to your audience of digital healthcare practitioners
  • Efficient use of your time and the time of your staff

“One of the most eagerly anticipated meetings at eHealth Week over the past few years is the EHTEL Thought Leadership event, for which IBM has provided both moderators and panelists. We value the opportunity for open and challenging debate about the evolution of healthcare, and in our particular case, the role of IT companies in supporting this. From our perspective, it is essential to understand the needs, concerns and frustrations of all stakeholders, not least clinicians and patients, and to learn from them so we can focus on what really matters.
The panelists and audience are all experts in their field, leading to well informed discussions about the challenges we all face in sustaining our systems of care. We are proud to be associated with this multi-stakeholder forum, which has informed both our industry perspective and our business focus, as well as expanding our network of influential contacts."
John Crawford, IBM, Healthcare Industry Leader, Europe