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Sponsored Events

A Sponsored Event / Sponsored Educational Slot is an opportunity for both commercial and non-commercial organisations to sponsor an educational slot at EHTEL’s Annual Symposium or at other international digital healthcare events where EHTEL is participating. The emphasis is on education usually through the showcasing of a successful implementation of an innovative healthcare deployment. This gives commercial organisations the opportunity to publicise, through their clients, success stories and lessons learned and to promote their name and brand to a targeted audience of healthcare innovators.



What’s Involved?

  • An EHTELconnect Sponsored Event is paid for by the sponsoring organisation and involves making a 20-30 minute presentation at the EHTEL Symposium or other event. Working with EHTEL, the sponsor and their client can create and showcase their deployment within a relevant stream at the Symposium.
  • EHTEL can work with you to ensure that the subjects covered engage the audience in the most effective way.

Can We Take the Opportunity to Promote and Market Our Products or Services?

No. As a non-commercial membership organisation, EHTEL cannot act as a conduit for sales and marketing activities. We do, therefore, have one important stipulation regarding the sponsorship and that is has to be treated as an educational session with the focus on awareness raising of a particular use case or similar.

How Do We Move Things Forward?

The first step is to contact EHTEL and to have an initial meeting or conference call to discuss the potential opportunity. With many years experience of organising the Symposium and a detailed knowledge of the audience and their requirements, EHTEL can help to design the shape of the presentation and make suggestions where necessary. In addition, EHTEL will liaise with the presenter(s) and sponsors to ensure that their technical and organisational requirements are met.

I’m Interested. Whom should I contact for more details?

For further information and to discuss your specific requirements, please contact
EHTEL, Avenue de Tervueren 168, Box 2 - B-1150 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 230 1534 Fax: +32 2 230 8440

Please click/touch image to download the EHTELconnect Leaflet on Sponsored Educational Events.

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EHTELconnect Sponsoring educational events and slots

By sponsoring an educational event your organisation can benefit from:

  • An opportunity to promote new developments and technologies to a targeted audience of eHealth professionals.
  • Awareness raising about how specific products and services have been used in a real-life eHealth environment.
  • Opportunities to present collaboration with leading healthcare organisations.
  • Association with the EHTEL brand.

We have found the sponsored educational events to be an excellent way of introducing new concepts and telling experiences regarding our work within digital healthcare innovations.

Working with EHTEL means that we have access to a high level and well informed audience which helps to confirm Intel’s presence and activity at the centre of European activity within Brussels.”

Mario Romao
Intel Corporation NV/SA, Belgium / USA