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Study Visit

An EHTELconnect Study Visit is an opportunity for an organisation active in the field of digital healthcare to open its doors to an audience of other experts and to showcase its achievements while taking the opportunity to hear comments and feedback from visitors drawn from the world of digital healthcare and innovation. The second purpose of a Study Visit is to provide an opportunity for healthcare innovators to see innovation “on the ground” and to question and learn from the host organisation’s experiences. A typical study visit usually involves a mix of presentations from key personnel at the host site complemented by visits to various locations to see the digital healthcare applications in operation.



What’s Involved?

Working with EHTEL, the host organisation will create a programme of activities for the Study Visit running over 1-2 days. EHTEL in turn promotes and advertises the event to its membership and to key people on its extensive database of digital healthcare experts across Europe and the globe. All organisational aspects (apart from the internal arrangements) of the visit are provided by EHTEL.

As a Host, can we decide on the audience for the Visit?

Ultimately, yes as this is your event. However, experience has shown that participants to previous Study Visits have been self-selecting and nominated from relevant organisations and expertise. Naturally, the size of the audience must fit with your requirements and facilities and EHTEL will work with you to ensure this aspect is fully addressed.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Study visit is funded in the main by the host organisation, although the audience members cover their own travel and accommodation costs.

How Do We Move Things Forward?

The first step is to contact EHTEL and to have an initial meeting or conference call to discuss the potential opportunity. With its experience of organising Study Visits EHTEL can help to advise on the structure and content and make suggestions about the type of audience members that should be targeted for maximum and mutual benefit. Initial discussions can also cover details of costs and timescales.

I’m Interested. Whom should I contact for more details?

For further information and to discuss your specific requirements, please contact
EHTEL, Avenue de Tervueren 168, Box 2 - B-1150 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 230 1534 Fax: +32 2 230 8440

Please click/touch image to download the EHTELconnect Leaflet on Study Visits.

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EHTELconnect Study Visits from 2015

By commissioning a Study Visit, you can benefit from:

  • First-hand experience of leading implementations and deployments of digital healthcare in Europe.
  • Introductions to recognised experts and leaders in the field.
  • Opportunities to develop meaningful and lasting contacts to support future developments.

In hosting a spring 2014 EHTEL study visit, Estonian eHealth Foundation provided visitors with a fascinating insight into eHealth in an advanced Baltic country. Massive digital innovations are taking place in the country, especially in terms of patient identity, electronic health records and ePrescribing. The study visit covered a visit to both the front- and back-offices of the eHealth foundation, a local Tallinn hospital, and the Estonian parliament. The hospital visit opened our eyes to how large hospitals handle patients’ electronic health records, and – on the human side – two touching visits that involved completely different aspects of human life: ICT support in a premature births ward as well as in a care ward for frail elderly persons. The public meeting in the parliament was attended by high ranking politicians and provided also a fantastic opportunity to hear via video from the country’s president, Toomas H. Ilves, about Estonia’s achievements and ongoing ambitions in the eHealth field. As an EHTEL member, these study visits are a great benefit of association membership. They provide real, concrete insights into work done on the ground by telehealth and telemedicine doers, as well as by great leaders!”

Diane Whitehouse
The Castlegate Consultancy, United Kingdom